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The destruction of the Fyros Akenak roleplay

The dagger system was not labor intensive for the event team, more for the player and even not really that intensive at all...

It was nice !

but yes to few candidate and people who vote.

But all that is motsly because of the lack of imagination and will of player.

Don't wait for the event team to launch event or organise a meeting in the agora the spread your word and asking for people to vote for you ! run all over the city crying your slogan ,....

Well do something ! :p

Event on aniro was what they were because of player imagination and investment.

It's only labor intensive if people don't care or only cry because they don't care about roleplay but just want free stuff and effortless event.

When people do something those who don't care and/or won't be touch by it came insult you or complain about stuff that don't concern them so yes less people want to spend time and effort doing something.

But mainly the issue was, is and will always first be on the player side.
You want to be able to vote again? Shout for it ! make tract and wander in the street distributing them !

(like i have done when i was making my fyros paper on another char :p)

Use your imagination and act in rp ! not jsut complain hrp.
Don"t wait for the other to do something ! make the first step !

And enjoy playing it :)


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