Worrying News

Many seasons have passed since the noble Houses delivered to Miaccia Stazzo the wench who came, one evening on the edge of the Abyss of Ichor, to provoke and insult Karan Stevano and his vassals in the name of a clique claiming its dedication to the glory of the Kingdom but mainly known for its criminal acts.
However, and although the Karan has been warned of assassination of the Mother-Karae planned by these fanatics, no news has yet come from the Palace. And I saw Ser Zagh nervous, silent, obviously anxious, to invariably escape my eyes when my steps led me, more often than usual, to the Hall of the Order whose devastated rooms he paced relentlessly.
And, this morning, I discover a leaflet nailed by a dagger to the Hall-door ajar, which reads:
Alkians-wivan, formerly officers-kin of a once glorious Order!

Your Guide, menial servant of the desires of a prince oblivious of the duties of Sap-kin, is into our hands.
Tell the decadent snooty who keeps you instead of Karan that he will be returned in exchange for the return of our brave sister in his heart family: should he delay her release that he will be sent his paltry minion piece by piece.

Matis Aiye e Jena Aiye!

On the threshold at the foot of the half-open door, the signet ring of the Order worn by our Guide for any occasion sparkles in the light of dawn, mocking.

[OOC] Zagh is unable to connect until mid-February, but will on his comeback proceed with the event started on January 18.[/OOC]


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