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Concerning Kami/Karavan Fame.

while i don't have a metric for you, i can say that as you get closer to 100, the number of missions you have to do per point does increase, and for the last point, it's somewhere around 25 bandit missions for the last point.

even with the BM fame tracker (via app zone, add the bm app, then open said app, look on the right hand for "fame tracker", click this BEFORE doing a fame mission, wait at least one save after completion of a mission then click the "refresh" button on the window, it will give you the metric for that mission's fame reward)
getting a base line set of numbers would be a long process of work.

i know that for myself, it starts out going quickly, but as you get closer and closer to the final goal it slows down (when working towards 100 fame), i would be nice if the fame window gave real numbers vs the current system, because who reads the wiki to ever see the explanation on how fame is rewarded from missions?



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