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Concerning Kami/Karavan Fame.

Yeah, I thought that the fame was equal between Kami and Karavan, although many people had told me that it was, for some insane reason, easier in Karavan than in Kami.

But, I would like some sort of "metric" (I guess) as to the exact numbers for getting my Fame to 100, since it is getting HARDER to raise my fame the closer I get to 100.

Is there any numbers (none on BMsite) that can give me a clue as to when I will get my fame raised to 100? It is almost grueling for me right now, and I know it will be worse the close my fame get even closer to 100.

But how hard, it would be nice if I had some numbers to give me a clue.

Maybe I should start another character to measure that trial, from Kami fame of 0 (zero), and report on that...... I guess.....

PS: Thank you Talkirc, for setting the record that there is NO difference between Kami and Karavan fame progression.


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