map marker limit should be removed


I think I could use 4680 markers per region with my mark-a-lot-of-things style of gameplay, in case anyone wants a number.

400 markers per region is enough to mark one spot for each material per zone for all regions.


I thought I'd add some thoughts here about how many markers would be "enough" for me to write down all the things I want to. Maybe this is useful if anyone wants to ask questions like "ok, I think I want to add more markers than 256, but how many do I want to add? what are some considerations that might actually affect players, that I don't know about since my playstyle is different?"

I've been considering creating separate interface_carmy.icfg files to hold map markers for different zones. I could then relog, switching out .icfg files, when I wanted a map for a different zone. I'd have to redo my window and interface settings every time, but, it would allow me to have more markers. I was trying to think about how many I'd need, and came to 2 general maps, and 2 maps per zone. The max zones per region is 8 (the Fyros desert and Tryker lakes), which comes to: 256 * (2 + 2*8) = 4680 per region.

4680 markers. That's a lot more than the limit right now!

How can I possibly use that many markers????? Well, I like to mark a lot of things. It helps me feel like I know a place, and that the exploration knowledge is connected to that character. I like to mark fauna locations, predator/hostile locations, foraging locations, spots I thought were pretty, access routes in hard-to-navigate areas, TP locations, areas of personal significance. Yes, I can remember a lot of them eventually without a marker, but I'd prefer letting my character remember for me by making map markers, and I'd prefer that knowledge to last. I know it sounds like a lot of markers and just walking around marking things, but at least right now that's part of the game for me. I want to feel like I've explored a region and understood it with interest and attention, not just walked through it, killed the bosses, speed-leveled, and moved on. Making lots of detailed markers is one way of doing that for me. Although, writing this, I guess I could RP it as she "forgets", that's why I lose markers in areas I don't go to often.

Another number:
* There are about 50 different materials. Suppose there is 1 dig spot for each excellent material per zone in a region. For lakeland or desert, 8 zones * ~50 markers = about 400 markers per region with max zones (lakes and desert).

I hope this post came off as not complaining, but offering information if someone wants it. Of course getting more markers right now would solve some of my problems, but that's not what I want most in Ryzom, I want Ryzom to be Ryzom! I don't know everything that went into the current vision, and I'm happier if the people developing (thanks!) just develop as they think is appropriate, from their vision. So if devs want to know about map marker limit considerations that matter to players like me within the current system, those are some. I had some numbers to add since I was thinking about this, so I thought it wouldn't hurt to post some.

I guess this post ended up a bit long, sorry. I tried to highlight the actual numbers.
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