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Constitution Committee Discussion

For the anthem I already removed the 'values' section, except for saying that the federal governement must promote the values of Tryka, Meer, Sella. Anthems and mottos can be written as laws. In general I think that the constituion needs to lay out the organization and role of government, not every sinlge detail. (and I want to keep it simple so it will translate better for a multilanguage post)

The Kardali are crap and their 'constitution' needs to go. I would prefer that they are gone completely because of their abuse- the fact that there have been no elections since returning from the roots. But I guess if they returned to a less powerful role they might have a place.

I think I have requirements for the Taliari in there, but the definition of Taliar is the guild leader of a Crya.

If you have any more comments please use the google doc, but for now I am waiting to see if I can even get enough Taliari to support my document, or a revised version of it. I think I will need 4 taliari votes, I currently have 2 :/
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