Worrying News

Marae went to find her sister at the camp of maiden groove, sat next to one of the fires, and showed her the flyer she picked up in matisan capital's pathways.

Zendae considered a bit the paper, then frowned when she got to the "amazones" name among targets list, thinked for a while, then shrugged, giving the paper to the flames.

She said half smiling : you see my sister, we are considered as part of the Kingdom now. It means our deed is more and more noticed, di amataki !

Marae smiled frankly before replying : You are well confident, di amataki ! Our reputation should bring us new deals, not make us loose some ! Such rumors are not good for the business, di amatakizo !

Dreaming while watching the fire, Zendae said after some time : if I were to weaken the matis houses, I won't do that way. What do they hope with those crude flyer, di amatakima ? On the contrary, this would strengthen links between houses.

Frowning, she thought at what she just said...

Marae whispered, squinting : Whatever their secret motivations, we'll give those bandits reasons to grumble, di amatakizo !

~Written with Marae


Beauté, curiosité, virtuosité !
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