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Collecting your interface woes

found an error related to webIG and the app bar:

after adding some apps from app zone (also having guild only and personal apps) the app bar will not display all apps added, and becomes scrollable, no matter how much you scroll, you never find the missing apps (yet when you open the webIG window with "shift+w" they will show up fine, sometimes after a relog the webIG window will also be scrollable with no end and still missing app icons) (changing the layout of the app bar doesn't help either) should also note that if you scroll the app bar down too far, the client will freeze up and you must kill the process and re-log. (similar to how the forums used to do with long posts viewed IG)

screen shots with bug:

here if you look you will see the scroll bar hidding behing the "achievements" icon. you will also notice a blank between the BM app and the molly's materials icon. the apps missing between those are: guild register and hang-homin. none of the other apps i have (personal or guild only) are showing up at all.

if i scroll a little on the app bar:

screen shot without bug: (seams to only happen when some apps are added, those that don't show up in app bar in the first pic) (blacked out personal and guild only apps)

----------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------- -------

an option to customize the layout, what apps and icon's are shown, the order of said apps and icons, as well as the ability to change the size of the bar by clicking on the border and dragging would be very nice as well, but these are just ideas. (the error is the main focus of the post, these "tweaks" are just on my wish list)



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