Collecting your interface woes

Sending a mail to Elweit did remind me of one thing I would like to see implemented in the various chat functions.

How many times have you seen a chat line in Team or a personal tell, or even Uni that looks like this:

Username says:3411111wwww
Username says:Need a rez in xxxx

Currently we have the option that Enter either does or does not exit a chatbox. We have the option to exit a chatbox with the Esc key, but if we hit it again, we end up closing the chatbox. We can enter the chatbox by left-clicking on the data-entry part of the box. We can change from one box to another by the same means. I would like to see us be able to exit any chatbox by left-clicking on the general scene. (In addition to the current methods.)

There -- a completely interface related request.

-- Bittty

This is a quote from three years ago that still hasn't been implemented. Today again I almost got myself killed because I forgot to leave the chatbox. I clicked on an enemy and tried to attack, but instead was just typing characters in chat. It's really simple. Clicking inside the chatwindow should activate it, clicking outside the window should deactivate it. Chatting is a low priority activity and should not interfere with gameplay.
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