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Mac Copying Save Data

I thought I would post some steps to copy the save folder over when(if) you update the client on Mac.
This way you can keep your macros and flags and keybindings.

1. In a Finder windows select the command Go To Folder.
 2. In the box that show up type "~/Library/"
 3. Follow the path at the bottom of the windowin the picture( Containers>com.winchgate.Ryzom > Data > Library > Application Support > Ryzom). Copy the contents of the save folder (Command+c) or edit copy
 4. Goto the Library folder again:) 
Then goto the Path in the windows below. (Application Support > Ryzom) And paste the coppied files inside this save folder
 This folder won't be there till after you run the newer client for the first time.


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