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Technical Support

Client still crashing on Win32 Vista and Win7_64

What I did:
Downloading http://ryzom.kervala.net/clients/ryzom_client_steam_win64_2.1.0.6 445.zip
for 64bit OS
Downloading http://ryzom.kervala.net/clients/ryzom_client_steam_win32_2.1.0.6 445.zip
for 32bit OS
Downloading http://ryzom.kervala.net/clients/ryzom_data_2.1.0.6445.zip

Creating a folder, unpacking client and data, copying data folder from existing client, starting client.

Character selection is displayed after login. When starting the game, the yellow fillers reach one field before half, then crash.

Log (32bit client) tells:

User Crash Callback:
UserId: 562122
HomeId: 101
ShardId: 101
On a Mainland Shard
Application: ryzom_live
No user entity information
ViewPosition: 0.00 0.00 0.00
Time in game: 28h 47min 1sec
LocalTime: 2015/11/28 23:20:25
ServerTick: 1122643954
ConnectState: Probe
LocalAddress: :53764 (
Language: English
ClientVersion: FV (2015-11-27 14:44:43)
PatchVersion: 610
Client is online
NumServerHOP: 0
NumFarTP: 0
NumReselectPerso: 0
Connection Events:
NeLSound XAudio2 Driver
PCMBufferSize: 29556904
ADPCMBufferSize: 0
SourcePlayCounter: 1
Commit3DCounter: 46978
AudioCyclesSinceLastQuery: 813468
TotalCyclesSinceLastQuery: 237191913
MinimumCyclesPerQuantum: 53
MaximumCyclesPerQuantum: 9999
MemoryUsageInBytes: 131963
CurrentLatencyInSamples: 2106
GlitchesSinceEngineStarted: 0
ActiveSourceVoiceCount: 1
TotalSourceVoiceCount: 1
ActiveSubmixVoiceCount: 2
ActiveXmaSourceVoices: 0
ActiveXmaStreams: 0

That is all. No chance to get the client started.


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