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Technical Support

Random "updates", 186mb in size?

I think you're using an old client and some URLs are not valid anymore :(

Perhaps (but I'm not sure if it'll work) should you add in your client.cfg :

Application = { "ryzom_live", "./client_ryzom_r.exe", "./" };
BackgroundDownloader = 0;
PatchServer = "http://dl.ryzom.com/patch_live";
SignUpURL = "http://www.ryzom.com/subscribe";
StartupHost = "shard.ryzom.com:40916";
StartupPage = "/login/r2_login.php";
InstallStatsUrl = "http://shard.ryzom.com:50000/stats/stats.php";
CreateAccountURL = "https://secure.ryzom.com/signup/from_client.php";
InstallWebPage = "http://dl.ryzom.com/installer/";

Also perhaps, you have the UAC problem if you installed Ryzom in Program Files. Please could you try to install it in another folder (example : C:\Games\Ryzom) ?

Last solution would be to download a more recent version and install it :)


Kervala - Ryzom volunteer developer - Working on different clients

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