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Crafting and Math

2. Reality (Ingame)

The theory has proven itself to be valid countless times and has been confirmed by an examination of the game's recently available source code. However, there are still some mysteries for the adventurous homin to solve!

One of them is the following recipe:

(Jewel Recipe preview window)

The delta is above 35 so only a one-time bonus of +10 is applied, yet Poison Protection is at 69 instead of 70 and Forest Resistance at 59 instead of 60. Forest Resistance is only influenced by the Caprice Seed in Jewel Setting with a value of 60. For the individual item stat we have (3x 60) divided by 3 = 60. It does not get a bonus being the second stat with the maximum of 60, so those values in the preview window must be the ones from the first Phase...

Edit: It has been confirmed to be a rounding error by the old client, new one is just fine!

Another observation is an exception to the rule for material grades. It seems a durability of 0 is not allowed. Any other stat can be 0, but durability can't. It is set to 1 in the game client for all cases it would be 0. This may or may not be the same for the game server. Yet another mystery to solve...

To sum it up, the game still surprises even the most veteran crafter and has its own little quirks which keep crafting challenging and fun!

Thank you for reading!


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