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[Ryzom Forge] Meeting (26th of october)

1 Communication & Marketing Group

1.1 Ryzom on Steam
Kervala: The current Windows version of the client has been uploaded. Please are there some volunteers to test it? Well, I mean, to install it for the first time, to see if everything is correct, if it's not too ugly by default, etc...64 Mo de VRAM 1024x768 etc... I think that, as it is, the client isn't ready to be deployed. Everything is set at minimum It's really too ugly for a first launch, I think it will discourage the new players. So I've implemented the detection for the native resolution of the screen. It's already a bit better If you have a screen of 1920x1080, it uses this resolution now. Changes have been sent to the Ryzom Core deposit I'd like to make a 2nd change: detect the available memory on the Graphic Card and use the most advanced set-ups if possible. For this, I'd need someone to test with an ATI/AMD card and someone else with an Intel card to test if the detection is ok, I only have a NVIDIA card to test. Linux or Windows would be ok. On the other hand, I can already give access to Ryzom on Steam even if you're on Linux and/or OS X, I can generate a certain amount of keys which will give access to Ryzom on Steam. The data for the client are the same for all 3 OS (Linux, OS X and Windows) on Steam. But I've just uploaded the executable for Windows for now. I think I'll ask for 10 keys for now, in order to be ready if we have other testers.

Q: Not Mac?
A: It would be perfect with Mac. The VM will lie and you never know if it acts normally.

Q: Kervala: Who want a Steam key to test Ryzom then?
R: Aileya: I could test it on win7 x64 with AMD + ATI.
R: SIELA1915: Me! El Capitan Intel Core i5.

If you want a key for tests, contact Kervala: kervala@gmail.com.

1.2 Interview of David Cohen Corval
Zatalyz: I've shaped the interview. I'll need French proofreaders in a first time, to improve the text; then translators for all other languages.

Gaueko: For the translations and the proofread, once you have the text you can send it to me so I share with the Translation Team for it. Or just tell me when is ready for the translation, if is the one in the link. To me or Tamarea, since we are both Managers of the Translation Team. 


Communications Manager Assistant - Translation Team Manager, Lore Team Member - ES/EN

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