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Random "updates", 186mb in size?

I've been getting such updates since forever. They seem to be pretty random, the only possible cause is my machine being busy and the client not being able to read some local files fast enough. The update is most definitely not "real", since two separate clients will not both request to be updated at the same time.

So, what happens, step by step:

Client trieas to start. Client notifies me I need to updte:

I'm stupid and click Patch, instead of closing the window and just trying to launch the game again.

The client works for a bit, and at some point during the update operation, I am notified that it failed:

After launching Ryzom again, I am presented with what I assume is an older login screen:

... which, on login, asks for update!

This seems to go through smoothly, at which point the client quits and restarts. The following sequence happens:

The "ok" button in the last window does nothing. I use the red Exit button.

At this point there's an endless loop, which I have no idea how to avoid, short of completely overwriting all the files in the folder with data from another game installation.

This is, frankly, ridiculous. Has anyone had this problem, ever?

edit: After overwriting all the files with another installation, I got two more updates. One sized 0.0 mb (yes, zero), one sized 15mb. Trifecta of ridiculous this evening.


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