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1 Event sequences in preparation

 A long sequence is planned to last for at least one year is being prepared for each nation. These four main sequences won't start all at the same time and will stretch over time :
- A Fyros sequence, which has just started. This sequence, as the other ones, will share its lot of surprises, but of course I won't tell you more!
-A Matis/Karas sequence, which includes (but not only) the botanic sequence and the one about the kitins study. These ones, already started, will restart and continue on a regular rythme.
-A Tryker/Ranger sequence (which still needs a lore adjustment before being started).
- A Zorai/Kamist sequence. This new sequence needs a big work on the development side, so she'll probably be the last one to start.
-The marauders will of course interact with the other sequences, and a marauder sequence is also planned for later.

Q: 1 trimestre for each nation? Or it's open to all?
A: The Event Team hasn't planned the alternating rythme of the sequences yet.

Q: Parts very different ones from anothers then, for RP players it won't be possible to take part in all of them.
A: Everyone will see according to his/her RP which sequences it is logical for him/her to attend.

Q: It means that the sequences will actually not last 1 year for everyone?
A: Each sequence will last at least 1 year, so a player wanting to follow only one sequence will have at least one year of events. I cannot be more precise because the planning will be made bit by bit, in order to take the needs of the game into account.

Q: Are there events between homins planned? I'm explaining, some time ago (unofficial) weddings took place on Atys, it was a RP part which seemed to be very important for lots of people on the Bark.
A: It's still the case. The Event Team is still available for players wanting to celebrate RP weddings. They can also create a scenery if requested.

Q: it is for the Davae nemus event for this i have a smal question:  it was said that this would build up the enclosure automatically, but it is now about 2 months. The last 2 lines of the fences are missing. Is there something not running in automatic construction? I think that the people have already given all the matters?  I talk about this event:  http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=topic/view/22745/1
A: The fence will be added by the Animators by hand.

2 OOC player event made by La Firme

Zakkk: We've prepared, with the help of quite a lots of people, a one week fully OOC event. I've used a lot of the help of the Event andLeveldesign teams to create and test on the Yubo server a small series of micro-events. It should take place at the AValae's market. They are small events prepared  between us in the guild. You won't find any RP part in them, just events to have fun. And we're waiting for a feedback


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