gid, note on mara LA sets, it's 45 kills to get a set of mara LA, and i have no idea how many kills as a solo player to get a set of HA.

Thanks for the correction.

Regardless of how many it is, that seems like a lot more effort than gathering a few Sups and spending a few minutes turning that pile of mats into a suit of armor. I'd expect a better reward if I went through that effort, and truth be told, Marader armor isn't ten times better than the best boosted suit a master armor crafter could make; it's merely just better enough to justify the added effort required to obtain it.

If you're willing to put in the effort and dig enough mats to become a master crafter, you can make some of the best gear in the game yourself. Given the rarity of items that are impossible to craft and the relative power of those items compared to what can be crafted, I'd say that gear in Ryzom is far more balanced than in some other games.


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