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i fully support virg's idea, though i have my own similar idea on new lands, while virg's idea focus on forced teamwork, mine doesn't require the eggs to solo the area. i don't want to get off topic on it but maybe you would like to read the "upper branches" ideas (read the master outline one, the rest are linked to that one as the ideas forum rules are for single ideas, and my one main idea is broken down into many sub ideas, each outlined in separate threads, you can also find an ongoing RP story that i wrote with the ideas, which in a few months will be complete.)

i think that if my ideas were made a reality as virg's was at the same time, we could get the best of both ideas at one time, with lands that are very hard but can be soloed without eggs, and one where a player could only solo with them. (i support any idea that shows progress and new content, even when i don't exactly agree with it 100%)


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