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I would definitely like to see new lands to explore, but to have them purely for the benefit of high lvl teams would be elitist and disappointing to me. Personally I like to explore on my own, often, and if a new land were to be added, I think it should be accessible to all players. Even the Kitin Nests are survivable to low level players if they are careful - I know; i did it, and it was difficult and terrifying and I enjoyed every minute and every DP! Sure, by all means include an area as described in the OP, but I see no reason why it could not include areas of lower levels also for those who like to just explore, wander around and smell the flowers, so to speak. Make it new, make it beautiful with new critters if you are able, make it challenging in places and just simply awe-inspiring in others, but please do not make it just an "elite" area. The beauty of Atys is you CAN go anywhere at any time and, if you are clever (and sneaky), survive. Don't spoil that.



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