[Tr] Upload texts on for translation?

I was wondering why nobody seemed to be intrested in here.

And I found out there is already the testing of an other translation website pending.

So I took a look at Zanata:
1. Google login is broken/outdated
2. created a normal account, confirmation email arrived very fast (wiki info outdated)
3. I tried to translate, but I am not able to save any changes, because the documents for translation are locked, It took me ages to notice the mouse over info on the little lock in upper left corner, without receiving any error message while trying to save changes :(

So far:
I am using Duolingo for a year now, it is a completely different kind of platform and it is from it’s concept not an alternative to Zanata.
They are more supplemental to each other.

Zanata: Seems to be ok, for translation of documents that contain programming code. Translated by members of Ryzom translation team, as it already is.

Duolingo: For giving our texts (much smaller, well written, no code) to others/ language learners, and let them translate the texts for us.
This is completely free for all creative commons texts.
And the language learners learn about Ryzom, so it’s free advertising as well. :)
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