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Technical harvesting notes

Mjollren --

There is only one "weather number" (WN). The labels "good" and "bad" are irrelevant. Exe moon resin in GoC is present in "worst" weather (or from WN=0.85 to 1.0). It is not types of "good" or types of "bad" it is only the WN. The exe yana node in void is active when WN < 0.166 ("good") or when 0.5 < WN < 0.833 ("bad" -- but not for the digger). Karu's graph is spoiling the heck out of me in digging exe's and drastically increasing the length of the labels on my flags.

Forgotten --

The bug in the client weather report has been there since I've been playing, which is over eight years now, so it isn't new.
I do note that the actual impact of any action to D or E can be anywhere (uniformly drawn) from 0x to 2x.

So you do. However, there is also an interaction between D (source life) and E (stability) ((and the number of mats and time remaining- but that seems to be a second order effect))

For instance in mode 3, the more that stability is greater than life (E>D) the more effect there is (on average) on life vs stability.

In mode 5, as long as E>D both E and D tend to be affected together. Once E < D E is effected much more by each action.

There are numerous other interactions that I have observed, and of course they depend on which stanzas you are using. ((The above observations are for q250 gentle speed 6 harmful rate 6, gentle extraction, material spec, land spec.))


Remembering Tyneetryk
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