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Technical harvesting notes

Well, since my experience in digging hasn't changed in the last 5 years, I'd say the data was current.

However there are things that aren't in your analysis (at least to the limited extent that I can understand the writing). The main thing is that weather granularity must be modified by something in the code because I have seen exe mats that are bi-weathered, mats that have cutoffs that are not on the boundaries of the best/good/poor/worst, etc. There is a preponderance of weather change on the 1/6 1/3 .... changes in the weather number, but that is not universal.

There is also a definite and substantial random factor on the impact of any action on the stability and life of a particular source. If you included that, I'm sure I didn't recognize it.

The most important thing to a harvester (at least to me and various I know) is how does the location where you stand affect popping of nodes in various combinations of angle and range, and that isn't addressed by your extraction of knowledge at all.

All in all, some of the numbers reflect my experience (except for the random factors) and some of them might, but I'm unable to figure out what they mean.


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