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[Comm & Mark] Unveil Ryzom's secrets

My alt above is Nemana, so maybe some of those questions could be asked.

Also, what caused him to leave the game, or is he still involved? Does he ever log on a toon to play? What is its name?

What would he like to see implemented into the game at this point in time? Now that he has seen players master many, and all levels, what would he invent to keep them playing in the game? Would he do things differently now? What things does he feel could be put into the game to keep it alive and interesting for such players?

What would his feelings be about which direction Winchgate is taking the game in regards the Lore, missions, events, and the server merge? Would he agree with it all?

Was the so called 'Ryzom Bible' meant to be followed closely while he was in charge? How did he really want the game direction to go? Did it? Why were some game mechanics never implemented? Why were others implemented that seem useless? (like shielding protection, or that group health sharing thing, i forget the name of it atm. These are things never used to my knowledge).

Will he ever return again to help out, or invent new things? If not, why not? What projects is he working on now? Tell him some players would be elated to have him come back and contribute some help, even if in small amounts.

What does he think about Ryzom Forge and allowing players to create parts of the game now?

How would he change the game now Code-wise if at all? Would he rewrite the code in different language, and why?

...Hmm I'm sure i can think of more!

(get more contact information from him to interview others closely associated with the game to ask similar questions!)
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