Dossier: Marung Horongi

Kami'ata Rikutatis aribini

it has taken me some time, but here are the last excerpts about Nung Horongi which I have found in our archive.
1st AC 2550
The imperative was to find judges for the Nung trial. After some discussion we came to agree to the following persons:
  • Zorai judge: Sartyrica
  • 1st Taliar judge: Xrijan
  • 2nd Taliar judge: Dachsli
  • Homin judge: Stiara
  • Citizen judge: Reeth
We wanted to include the Zorais and the Trykers, because they are the affected peoples. One independent Homina as representative for the remaining peoples (here Stiara as a Matis living in Fyros seemed fitting to us). And finally two Taliari, because after all it is the Tryker people who perform the trial and it is our jurisdiction. Governor Ailan left the adjudication completely to us, because she said of herself that she would be too prejudiced, more than other Trykers, because of her close personal relationship to Still Wyler (in whose murder Nung was directly involved after all).
2nd AC 2550
The judgment against Nung Horongi! The trial was tough, but it brought many things to the light of day. You couldn't shake off the feeling that Nung knew more about Atys than each one of us homins from the New Lands. That with him we have a piece of truth sitting in front of us, even if corrupted to the bone. Nung is a murderer, an unscrupulous murderer, but he is not a liar. In the best case he is exaggerating, but I believe he knows a piece of the truth.
"Appointed judges, Vice-Governor and attending homins
We came together today to judge the delinquencies of Nung Horongi. As ordered prosecuter I will now read the charges again and thereafter demand a sentence. The charges, based upon the testimony of Nung Horongi in front of many witnesses, are the following:
Nung is accused to have prepared and cooperated in a murder of ulterior motives.
Nung Horongi is charged to have planed the malicious murder of Still Wyler together with Muang and to have it executed by an assasin of the Black Circle. The murder was done with ulterior motives, since both merely searched, without further reason and in an inhomin way, a target to test a weapon.
The weapon which was created by Nung and Muang, has to be considered against the nature of Atys and the devine order, both from the Kami and the Karavan. Also Nung neither showed remorse nor did he see reason. He, therefore, still must be viewed as a danger to all homins on Atys.
For this reason I, as prosecuter, demand the following sentence and will present some thoughts thereto.
I hereby demand to keep him in solitary confinement until the end of his life.
Considerations for this punishment:
We can exert the severest punishment for a homin with the character traits of Nung Horongi, because the severest punishment for a such a self-centred, arrogant homin would be to let him fall into oblivion: to extinguish him from memories and to eliminate him from the history books.
Also a death sentence is not possible, since he would surely use the chance of ressurection, which Nung has denied his victims perfidiously, and we are not capable to create such a weapon, and I for one would refuse to use it.
Likewise to simply dump him into the Goo is not an option, since Nung knows this stuff too well and could use it to escape.
Therefore, and given his age, a confinement. This confinement should be here in the Lake Lands, best in a chamber under water. In the Prime Roots we discovered during his transport, that he gained strength again there, and we have to expect similar in the proximity of Goo. Surrounded by clear water he should be unable to draw strength from unholy sources.
Thus far the charge from my side.
After the reading of the charges, Dachsli slapped Nung, which broke of a piece of the old Zorai's mask. This has lead to an outrage. I could not blame him for it, but I would not have done it.
The judges deliberated for a long time. There were actually those, like Xrijan, who pled for not guilty! There we have one of the greatest Goo manipulators, whose research probably caused the final death of dozens of homins, one whose goal it is to sow war and to plunge the New Lands into chaos ... and we should not find him guilty?
The judges passed following judgement:
"We, the judges, find the accused Nung Horongi not guilty of the murder on Still Wyler. However, due to the collaborative incitement to carry out the assassination of Still Wyler, the accused is sentenced to a house detention of 5 years. This has to take place on the sovereign territory of the state New-Trykoth. The actual murder could not be proven against the accused. None of the interogations has found a single piece of evidence for it. The accused however admitted the incitement and the selection and for this he has to be punished."
The judgment was sound in my opinion. He was already sick and will die soon. I don't want the Federation to sully itself with blood. A murder cannot be atoned with another murder, an error not corrected with a previous error. But that he is supposed to be not guilty of the murder, this wording is hard to bear. Even if he has "only" incited, he is guilty of the murder.
Nung's last words in public were the following: "I have nothing to say about the verdict. But since it's probably the last time that I see the sky, there is something I want to say. Since I can think, I have occupied myself with the things that surround me. Soon I won't be there anymore, wherever this last journey might take me. But the homins that continue to live on Atys ... I fear the times that are coming will not be easy. Be glad that there is Goo. It is probably the only thing that can stop that what you call Ma-Duk. Fear the happiness. You don't know what grows beneath your feet and gets stronger every day! There is nothing more to say."
Nung died two cycles later in Fairhaven from old age. He was exactly 130 years of Jena old. The last who has spoken to him in his cell was Salazar.
3rd AC 2550
A quiet cycle, after all we deserved a break after the excitement about Nung. The Zorais wanted to put Nung on trial too, but Nung evaded this. He died at the beginning of the cycle in a cell in Fairhaven. We agreed to bring his ashes to Zora. During the trial he said that it drew him to Zora, to spend his last days near his people. Even if Nung was a criminal and a crazy person ... at least his ashes should rest among his people.

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