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[Comm & Mark] Unveil Ryzom's secrets

Yes, I am interested.

I would like to know how many creators of the game there was when they were paid to make it, how they were organized, how many there were in the teams. How many from Nevrax are still here, are they playing? Are they paid to be here? Who are their toons names?

In thier opinions did the game go in the direction they wanted or expected it to go? If they had authority, what would they like to see implimented in the game? What do they feel is neccessary for it to be implemented and why should it be? Do they feel there is still somethings they wanted to see implemented that didn't get finished, or needs to be? What problems do they see that are still in the game?

Also, is Corvalis still involved with the game? If so, what is he doing? I have many more..
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