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[Player] Ein Gehege für Nemus

After Tinanio Stado Davae left to Remigra adopted by the attending Homins and headed straight for the guild tree.
Arrived in the rooms took Libera, Remigras maid her coat off and said: "Dele Silam Filirae Remigra."
Remigra nodded at her smiling and Libera disappeared behind a door along with jacket.

In her chambers arrived, she sat down directly to the desk to all that was needed to write for the construction of the enclosure down.

Towards evening strolled Remigra as so often through the beautiful city Davae and had the paper for the notice in his pocket.
The grooms Varo friendly nod she stepped to notice and pinned the prepared list to the poster.

Deles Silam citizens of Davae & Visitors

Tinanio Stado, has the needed material amounts calculated for Nemus enclosure and informed us.

It required 100 Fence elements for it are needed:
  • 3000x Choice Forest Wood (From q 50 of any kind)
  • 1000x Choice Forest Fiber (from q 50 of any kind)
  • 1000x Choice Forest Resin (from q 50 of any kind)

In a few days, a representative Homin (NPC) will appear in Davae to accept the collected materials.

I ask for your help, and thank you on behalf of Davae and nemus in advance for it.

Filirae Remigra Mortes

Good things she stepped back a few feet and looked Nemus afterwards as he again took up in contact with the Davae arriving and greeted them.
She smiled and walked on by Davae and wondered if she should not visit someone today .....

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"Decateis I Kamirac" "Necateis Sye Mideshye"
"Decateis I Loke" "Necateis Atys Morhdeis"
"I Nidran Sye Alede E Sye Neyde Ilya Necateis I Ulca"

"Liberi I`Margus"

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