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[Comm & Mark] Unveil Ryzom's secrets

I am a professional snoop. I love to search everywhere and ask nosy questions. Maybe I can transform this misbehaviour in quality, and share all the spicy information I can find with you ?

For a long time, I have been wanting to go and ask various people around the game : creators, volunteers, players. Some of you have already been dealing with my questions. Others might be interested by their answers. I now plan to conduct interviews to publish them.

I like working in groups, because I know that I can not think alone about all the great ideas. And I do not know * everybody * worldwide. So I am asking the help of all of you, before starting this marathon, interviewing a lot of people about a lot of subjects.

Is there any people related to Ryzom you are interested in? This could be people working for Nevrax and Gameforge, or people who currently work for WinchGate. There are also all the volunteers, past and present. Finally, there are players. Yes, among the players too, there are "personalities", known or less known, which views and experience of the game deserve to be highlighted. Some people might be difficult to contact or will not accept to answer, but we can't know beforehand, so let's give a try !

Is there any questions you would like me to ask to these people? Dare any questions! I will sort and organize your questions and maybe I rewrite them, but will take interest in any suggestion There is so many to ask. This would also help me to know what kind of things you're interested. Do you want to know the favorite color of your prefered CSR or would you like to know which one plays some NPC character?

Share all your suggestion after here :)

Finally, for those who will be interviewed: I'm a nosy, but I also respect people's privacy. I ask intrusive questions, but you don't have to answer. Before publishing an interview, the interviewee will have the opportunity to read it again and even request for corrections (if needed). I would like to report as faithfully as possible the opinion of everyone, respecting his integrity.

About language interviews: I speak French and it is the only language which I'm really comfortable with, so I'll make my first interviews in that language. Anyway, I will find translators for the result to be accessible to everybody ! I will probably try also to do it in English, but I can't speak correct German, Russian or Spanish to be able to interview people in that language. But maybe you can ? I don't have to be the only one interviewing people! :) If you can translate my announce in other language, too, I am really happy.

If you are also interested to go interview people, contact me, to organize interviews (not to ask twice the same person and to sort out what we want to ask him)
- In IRC channels #khanat and #ryzomforge inter alia, under the name "Zatalyz"
- Via mail IG (laofa)
- By mail :


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