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Letter to the Shadow Runners / Lettre aux Trafiquants de l'Ombre

A letter is delivered to Ba'Roley Hathy, chief of the tribe Shadow Runners. Instead of the usual Izam method of delivery, this letter is personally brought by a heavily armed Zoraï messenger. It bears the seal of the Zoraï Theocracy:

"Kami'ata, Chief Ba'Roley Hathy,

I write to you about an urgent and delicate matter concerning a supposed member of your tribe, a Tryker called Eppie.

A caravan of Zoraï Initiates and their allies was making their way to the Gibads tribe to deliver a shipment of fruit baskets, when we were ambushed and attacked by a group of Trykers bearing the emblem of the Shadow Runner tribe. We were able to take their leader prisoner, this homin called Eppie.

At first he tried to blame the Hamazans of the Dead Seed tribe, claiming they were the ones who paid him to attack the Zoraï caravan. But one of the guards traveling with the caravan actually happened to be a member of the Hamazans, a homin called Marae who belongs to the sorority known as Amazons Mysticia.

Eppie's lies were short lived as it soon became clear the Hamazans were not guilty of anything. Instead, he finally admitted he was hired by the vile tribe of the Antikamis to attack us and steal the fruit baskets. We took Eppie to the Hamazans of the Dead Seed camp and delivered him to Tinaera Rosirello as a prisoner. However, the bandit managed to trick us and escape with a teleport pact.

The crime of attacking an official Theocracy caravan inside the Witherings is a very serious one. The fact this crime was commited by several Trykers bearing the emblem of your tribe concerns me greatly. Therefore, I respectfully ask you for a reply of some sort as soon as possible and an official statement from the Shadow Runners tribe on this matter.

Eppie has commited further crimes of theft against the Gibads tribe and the Theocracy is determined to hunt him down. We need all the information we can get on this homin and your help on this matter would be appreciated.

Ari'kami for your time and mata nékéan,

Rikutatis, Dynastic Scribe"


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