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[For all] "Refugee Days" (April 4,5,6)

Dear homins!

What would be real Refugee's Days without searching eggs? No Refugee's Days, exactly!

You already noticed those little eggs you can find all over Atys but that's not all. Some giant Eggs have appeared in all nations of Atys. Do you have what it takes to be a real Atys egg scout?

Here is where they have been hidden:

For the first set of eggs you have to search the low-level regions (50, 100 or 150) of all four nations. You will get a souvenir for your apartment if you find those four!
For the second set of eggs you have to look in the high-level regions (200 or 250) of four nations. You have found those four too? Great, you earned yourself another reward!
For the third and last set you have to find additional four eggs, hidden in the prime roots. In each of the four large roots regions (Ichor, Underspring, Umbra and Wastelands) you can find one egg. So if you have found all 12 eggs all around Atys, you will get the final reward.

So, what are you waiting for? They will be there for only a limited time!

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