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can't get ryzom forge wiki access

yes, my 3rd attempt was made 2 days ago, the other two went to the same point, and after waiting a 5 days the first time with no reply, i went and tried again, then waited 3 or 4 days after the 2nd attempt and stopped looking, then after a meeting and discussion with someone else that was also having the same issue (waiting days with no reply) i made this most recent attempt waited 2 days, asked around, and then after waiting a few more hours made my post on the forums.

we're offering our time free the same as you are (or maybe your officially paid, i don't know). perhaps the first e-mail should include a notice that the final e-mail will come sometime in the next X day(s) or week(s) because it requires approval from an admin, in other words a real person. the e-mail is, imho, rather vague about that part. right now it says "If the account is created, only you will be emailed the password." because the process seams automated and does not explain that a real person has to approve the request I was under the impression that perhaps something was broken. I did ask on IRC, in several channels, with no response from anyone one way or another, i also asked in uni chat if anyone had any idea or knew anything.

as it stands now i was under the impression it was all automated and the excessive steps were to help thwart spam bots and those that don't have a genuine desire to help.

I will be adult and say that i was a little extreme in my post, but you have to understand that this was my 3rd attempt to create an account to edit the ryzom forge wiki. (i have no idea what happened to the first two) this is not including the 4 or 5 attempts i made to create an account to edit the old ryzom wiki related to the occupation recipes, which i ended up posting on the general forums with spoiler warnings due to never being able to gain access to edit the ryzom wiki.

regardless, the issue is fixed at this point and for that i'm thankful.

EDIT: naema, you and i must have been writting our replies at the same time, lolx, mine took a little longer because of RL distractions, seamed like it took me 2 hours to write the "small" post above.


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