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can't get ryzom forge wiki access

no icus i can't, because if i don't "whine" as you call it, things DON'T GET FIXED. (maybe i should note how this has been an issue for about 3 weeks, and i was fed up with not getting any results trying to figure it out on my own.)

i also don't care for your tone either, it's that type of talk that is the very reason it's so hard to get people to report issues, or to have a desire to help out with things.

keep being a @$$ and we'll just loose more people that are willing to try and help out because they don't want to be spoken to like that, and won't be around for it.

and yes i do complain and gripe, it's my god given right to and it's part of what i'm paying ryzom to allow me to do. untill your paying my sub's you have NO right to tell me not to "whine".


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