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can't get ryzom forge wiki access

the title says it all basically.

three times now i've tried to create an account for the ryzom wiki and ryzom forge wiki, each time i was told i can't create an account, only admin's can, so you must request one.

i go through the whole process of "request an account" and submit that.

i check my e-mail, open the e-mail, click on the link as directed; i get a new page that tells me my password will now be sent to me now that my account is created so i can log in.

days go by and no e-mail with a password. i go to the log-in screen and put in the user name, and because i've not gotten the password i was susposed to get, i click on "forgot password" then i'm told that my account doesn't exsist! WTF? i was told when i clicked the link in the e-mail that my account was created, so what's wrong with it?

we're asked to create a wiki account to edit things and help keep things going, but when we do we get this stupid run around. i'm forced to ask: "how the hell am i susposed to do anything productive if i can't even get access?"

i'm awaiting a reply from someone that runs the ryzom wiki and i'd like to know what the problem is? is the wiki broken? is it just something that we can read and not a true wiki where we can edit and update things as needed? what's the point of asking people trying to help out and be more proactive if they're blocked at every turn with a million steps to do something simple?

let's get this show on the road and get things working and more user friendly, i'm about ready to give up my efforts at this point becasue i feel like we're asked to help then blocked by the same system that's asked for the help.


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