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Naema (and others) --

The basic way to start a script is to write it in English (or other native tongue). Figure out what you want to do and how you want the the players to interact with any spawned creatures/NPC's/objects. I do this in a word processor.

At this point, checking with an ARK specialists might save you some time if what you want to do is currently beyond the abilities of ARK (or even the server). It will also need to be checked out to make sure that it isn't going to break something already planned.

Then you write a step by step procedure (again in English or your native tongue) for the idea. What needs to happen? Where do people have to be? In what order do things have to be done? What are people going to say (if interacting with NPCs). The word processor gets more work.

Then you can call in an Ark technician and he or she translates that into ARK. If you want to learn ARK, you have already made it a lot easier on yourself. The translation may not be obvious, but it's going to be a lot easier to program little bits than to try to do it all at once.

Then comes debugging, play testing, modifications and changes, more debugging, more play testing, etc. This part can take far longer than the idea, outline and coding combined.

ARK is like Ryzom -- it has a learning cliff but for now there are no helpful trainers with high xp rewards. However, you can ask questions, just as in the real game. The IRC channel #ryzomatys is a good place to start, both with ideas and with questions about ARK.

-- Cerulean ( who echoes the plaint of "not enough time...")
P.S. I speak as a member of the Event Team, not for the Event Team.
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