[Ark] Introductions

My main problem is *time*
my plans for ryzom were "crossed" by the birth of my little daughter :)
We are moving / are moved (but still not ready) and it's a additional time killer for now

I was so happy when ryzom forge were anounced, but now ...
my skills at 3d modelling are at "noob" level, so i won't waste the little time for that ...
skills at skinning and texturing are moderate i think (with enough time o.O)
but the best for now would be - let say "collecting ideas and bring them alive".
Since RzomRing a wanted to add some cool stuff inGame, but Ring were not powerful enough. Ark sounds great, but a have really really few time to get things to work ... so it would be cool if some one could help me to get the stuff in my head by some little praxis.

the advantage of "collecting ideas" is can do it at work as well *g


Purg Derren

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