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Reports to the Academy / Bericht an die Akademie

Re. Flyners and their Practical Use

Recent projects of research in New Trykoth, funded by the N’ASA (New Academy of Sciences of Atys) and FISCH (Forschungsgesellschaft für Ingenieurswesen, Seltsames, Curiositäten und Heimlichkeiten), entails the study of the Flyner plant, growing in the Lakelands. The botanist Nili O'Toolyn and Zo'ro Argh, who led a recent excursion, reflected on the Tryker legend spread by Rosen Ba'Darins that some Trykers fled captivity once by Flyner from the slavers. Neither this event, nor the fact that Rosen Ba'Darins was a Botanist herself has led to a more detailed study of this plant later.

The Flyner is commonly defined as "airbound" because in fact the material contained in the petal is lighter than air . Stem and tuber anchor the Flyner firmly to the ground. Their distinctive tuber , which is used to store nutrients for the plant is edible but not tasty . Below the petal of the Flyner, which blooms at the end of the summer, there is a seed pod .

The recently excursion to the Lakelands - the first of its kind - led to Enchanted Island because there we expected to find the best weather conditions for the studies. It had the best fitted Flyner regarding size and maturity who were fit to Homins to take flight with them. Of course Homins of different sizes and weight need Flyners grown to the respective requirements.

In all the experiments carried out, the homins who clinged to the trunks of their Flyners were successfully carried up into the air. For this, the stem must be separated from the root tuber. None of the subjects has crashed or landed within sight of the expedition; however, only two returned back to the expedition and reported on their landing sites, which were located away from the easily accessible hiking or travel routes. It is hoped that all other subjects found safe landing sites. The undersigned has been driven by a violent gust to a high, inaccessible cliff at Crystabel, which offered a delicious view, but no extraordinary scientific findings.

In summary , it is therefore possible that the legend of the flight of the Trykers based on facts. However, the size and weight of the Flyernauts, the presence and strength of wind and buoyancy influence height and length of flight as well as the size and age of the Flyner does. None of this is controllable by the Flyernauts . Neither can he really determine the length of the flight, nor dictate its direction; like at the wind dispersal of seeds, the Flyernaut is at the mercy of the elements. Moreover, the Flyner is a relatively slow growing naturally resource – which, of course, certainly could be remedied by Matisian Botanists.

Although the Flyner can probably be used to cartographic purposes one can not predict the direction in which the Flyner carries the Flyernaut, so that the results of such research remain arbitrary and eccentric. No use has Flyner for targeted delivery of goods or Homins to a predetermined destination. Thus, a use for targeted surveillance and warfare is excluded completely.

The use of Flyners as an escape aid has remained putatively unique. In addition, the Flyner may be a risky tool for the adventurous hedonist. As a serious means of transport it is useless.


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