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[Matis] Secrets (08/03/2015)

"Mother, you still seem so fragile... Are you certain you have the strength to go talk to the people?"
Karan Stevano examined the tired and pale face of his mother, looking worried. She sat in a large embroidered chair in her boudoir, her back to the weak light filtering through the heavy curtains. She seemed so frail!
However, the face of the Karae Mother Lea, that had been empty for so long, now showed her determination.
"Lenardi Bravichi was my father... I will go, my son. The people should know." (*)
Stevano bowed, "Very good, Mother."
He silently left the boudoir, leaving Lea alone with her memories...

(*) [OOC] Sunday, 8 March 2015 20:00:00 UTC (4 years ago), in front of the Royal Palace of Yrkanis. [/OOC]

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