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Reports to the Academy / Bericht an die Akademie

Re. the so-called "Oracle of Min-Cho"

Already some time ago, at a Zoraian Circles of Min-Cho there was talk about the rumour of an "Oracle of Min-Cho", which supposedly was known to some of the locals. Yet none of the Zorai Awakened seemed to had seen that homin claiming to be a clairvoyant, nor had the Sage Season ever heard about the "Oracle". The Awakened Rikutatis than proposed an investigation in the matter. However, nothing was heard about that for quite some time.

Now at the recent Gathering of the Circles in Zora, it happened that this "Oracle" - a Zoraian female - took the stage and gave a performance which left quite an impression on the Zorais attending, most likely upsetting some of the more gullible of them. She started off by humiliating the Circles present as only "half-circles", to which none of the Zorai - not even the Sage - opposed. She then went on saying that the Zorai walk in circles instead, or slumbering, and unable to see the truth. Finally, she presented three predictions, covered in riddles, as it is the rule in this line of business. These predictions were as followed:

1. The children of the Goo will take something dear from the Zorai.

2. An injured mythical beast will rampage and cause destruction in the Witherings.

3. The ancestors of the Zorai rise up and march against this Theocracy.

Some of those in attendance then already started to guess what can be meant by those predictions in detail. Most questions raised by homins like the Awakened Zhoi awaiting more precise answers were duly ignored by the "Oracle". Asked by the signatory where the so-called Oracle received its powers, she answered "My abilities come from that which you discard, which you deny." Then asked, why - if she was given her gift by the Kami - the Great Sage Mabreka-Cho has obviously received no announcement of the coming of a Zorai clairvoyant, she replied, "Truth needs no announcement. It simply comes. There is no possibility. There is only predestination."

Then some of the Zorai, feeling their faith unsettled by the idea of predestination, which makes choice obsolete, stated to question the "Oracle", which finished its public performance with an impressingly professional aplomb and left the Gathering.

It can only be guessed - if not a clairvoyant - what impression this so-called Oracle made on the Zorai and their future actions, although there were already calls for better security for Mabreka-Cho and armament of the Dynastic Guards. The shattering of Zoraian beliefs in the Kamist philosophy on the surface can be of little importance to the other countries, especially not those who trust in the superior light of Jena. Yet it might be of far greater importance if we think it through. The enfeeblement of the position of Mabreka-Cho and the Circles, which must be an rather obvious outcome if the Zorai take the Kami appointment of this so-called Oracle for granted, will no doubt affect the good diplomatic relationship we have with the Theocracy and might well be able to split the Zorai in half, creating not a vacuum, but a new power whose purpose at the moment is uncertain, but might well turn into an ememy force not just to Mabreka-Cho and his followers. Although the predictions can be bend in such a way that they simple have to fit the bill, we can't hope that the Zorai, easily affected by mythological "truth", will see it with a likewise pragmatism. It can be little doubt that the more gullible of them will fall for a new prophet which will be able to create the right publicity to sell what there is to sell. And I will give just a few examples of how easy it would be to make the "predictions" man-made facts:

1. Mabreka-Cho or one of the Sages may die. Assassinations with Goo ammunition have happened in the past, with Gouvernor Still Wyler being the most famous example of such. The marauders also have attempted to assassinate the Sage Supplice in the past, as some might remember. Probably you don't even have to go at such lengths: From my observance of the Sage Supplice, who was ill from Goo in the past already, he seemed inattentive and weak, hardly able to stand straight. If he's in recrudescence, more or less by natural cause the Goo will "take something dear from the Zorai".

2. An injured mythological beast rampaging in the Witherings - depending on how you describe "mythological" (and most likely the Zorai have much more ways to define "mythological" than the language of the Matis can describe) it could be any powerful wild beast living in the Jungles. All you have to do is to injure it with a weapon, and it will rampage. Unless it is a very sensible beast which will already rampage when you give it vulgar names.

3. Many scientists believe that the true anchestors of the Zorai were, in fact, the Gibbai. Now, some of us will remember that once the Gibbai were stirred up and invaded the Witherings in the past. I'm not saying it's easy to stirr them up, but I doubt not that this is possible when those who try it are ill-willed and clever enough.

As you see, there are ways to force these "predictions" to happen, and to forge them into weapons not only dangerous for the Theocracy, but on a long term for for us as well. These strange goings-on have to be watched closely, the machinations behind it have to be studied, and if any of the predictions become fact, those facts have to be taken with a large grain of salt.


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