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meeting RF 3 february 2015, taken on Lore team
<Lyne> *Tamarea: Lore group
<Lyne> *Tamarea: [RF] Working on updating the Ryzom wiki (= Lore Wiki)
<Lyne> *Tamarea: The biggest part of the event played still has to be integrated in the Lore, there are also the pages for the characters (NPC) to create or to update, etc.
<Lyne> *Tamarea: The final aim is to have a wiki which contains an uptodate Lore, and that's already quite a substantial work since it will need to search in the archives for informations on event playes years ago, in addition to updating recent events...
<Lyne> *Tamarea: It's a bit like archeological research! ;)
Action: Zatalyz raise up hand
<Lyne> *Tamarea: We should also create or complete pages on the cities of Atys, on the fauna, flora, languages, food, legends, etc... In short, everything that can show a facet of Atys
<Lyne> *Tamarea: The idea is that the Event Team and Ryzom Forge work together on this official-collaborative wiki, for it to be as dynamic and complete as possible
<Lyne> *Tamarea: A system of banner "Validation required / Validated / Not validated" can be used
<Lyne> *Tamarea: Of course, this wiki is also waiting to receive informations about the PC, the guilds, the poems and stories written by your avatars, but it's not part of the work of the Lore group, even if it will belong to this Lore of Ryzom
<Tamarea> Zatalyz ?
<Zatalyz> All official lore (including the most secret pieces) will be placed on the wiki? For example the truth about who is Elias (no I will not say more)? Or there will always be only what the characters can know?
<Lyne> *Tamarea: There will only be what the characters have to know, but in the end, there will be much more documents at disposal of the players than now
<Lyne> *Tamarea: So everything that your character can logically know, even if it has not been published for now
<Lyne> *Tamarea: This group will be able to write chronicles submitted to validation
<Lyne> *Tamarea: The responsible for the Lore group is Wiedii
<Lyne> *Tamarea: Are there any volunteers to help in the Lore group?

Well, not a lot of volunteers this evening. But it's never too late to start and, so, I decided to help a little, to motivate others to work :P

There are some people who are already doing regular work on encyclopatys; I'll let them speak for themselves, but for me they are automatically part of the "Lore team!"

As the main tool is the wiki, good news, everybody can participate, simply register you. Your classic account (such as to connect to the forum) does not exist on the wiki, alas, so create an entry. There were anti-bot measures a little restrictive, I don't know if it always exist.

We also have this forum and 2 IRC channel #ryzomforge et #ryzomatys. #ryzomatys is dedicated to animation and Lore. I am regularly on IRC, especially at 21H-23H (GMT+1), if you want to chat.

There is a lot of work to do. Thereupon, I have only one guidance : make what you like the most. We always work better when we have fun! If you are an expert on the flora of Atys, check and complete the existing articles; if what you like are the events, write logs and Lucios of each.

I list here the various tasks that I see; please complete and take the job you like!
- read all in http://atys.ryzom.com/ ("official" and old wiki) and check that all the information are available on encyclopatys, in all languages. When it will be ok, maybe older wiki can be closed ? They are a lot of information in the forum associated with this ancient wiki, there are many things scattered and helpful. Note the pages that have already been transferred (a special topic for this?).
- Integrate actual RP events who has played, if possible with log and screenshots. These events can be entered as history pages. If during these events, information on Atys are revealed, complete articles about this (for example, a NPC talk during event => note in NPC's page he was here and for what).
- Making the archaeologist and fetch the old events to put on the wiki too!
- Check on current items if translations in each language exist, if the information is the same on each side (they can be presented differently, but everyone should know as much whatever language); specify when there are differences related to old servers, and even if there are multiple interpretations; put links to sources where they exist.
- Complete all possible information: languages, cities, tribes, fauna, flora, crafts, NPCs, guilds, etc ... Ask to all people, on chat (in game and irc), in private message, players AND anims, to have the maximum info.
- Lorsqu'un article vous semble "de qualité" et suffisamment complet, le mettre sur une liste (sujet sur ce forum ?) pour demander validation côté anim, que ce soit confirmé que c'est bien "compatible Lore".
- When you fin a "quality" article, complete enough, put it on a list (subject on this forum ?) to request validation anim , to confirm that it is "compatible Lore."


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