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New zone landscape modeling

Talkirc (atys)
i think something got lost in the translation, because i'm not sure exactly what we're talking about here. are we talking about level design, or lego building block sets?

Levels are built out of 160x160m "ligo" blocks; you have a set of generic blocks for terrain and transitions between terrain blocks, in addition to that to make the landscape interesting you make unique landmark or village blocks.

You can see the reuse of blocks clearly in the fyros newbieland example. It's using the exact same lake three times (although you don't really notice ingame, because the positioning of trees, and so on, is different).

Basically, I'm offering to model additional ligo blocks with some buildings etcetera, as well as the assembly and gamedata build of the whole thing. Everything styled and painted just like the original Ryzom content. Whoever pays decides the design. ;)


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