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Discussion of the RP event "Melee fighting TOURNAMENT"

Marazmatic (atys)
Virg (atys)
...but the actual player themselves does not want to involve them.

You think its unreasonably? Don't you think its because some players are just annoying? I'm not saying about all marauders, but just about some of those who are well known :) Running around homins and all they are talking about - its pvp-pvp-pvp-pvp... Sometimes without any RP content at all. So yes, its kinda annoying ;)
And they are dont care whom to fight with. I remember when I just came from Silan in my cool green Rangers armor, with a big Fire&Wrath sword in my hand and I meet some little matis marauder. Do you know what I got from him? Yes, duel proposal. xD Im sure that player know what does Rangers Armor and F&W sword mean. And I think he know what are my levels approximately. But he just wanted to pvp, thats all. It looks kinda self-affirmation, don't you think so? ;)
So its not looks strange for me why dont other players want to play their games with maras :P

And if you will try to tell me that pvp is just a part of marauders RP - I will quote you:
Virg (atys)
Say it like it is, don't hide behind the context of RP.

Sorry, but that is just plain silly .. you get hit on by a troll wanting to duel (probs not even a marauder) and blame/hate the whole marauder faction for it. So it does not look strange to you, that therefore other players do not want to play with marauders? Well, you are totally welcome to your prejudice. But trust me, there are plenty of trolls in all the other factions too, has nothing to do with being marauder or not. So please, dont just be prejudiced on us .. be prejudiced on all the factions/nations .. hence .. play the game ON YOUR OWN.

As to the event ...

I guess, one has to distinguish what this event is about ... is it about finding the "best" fighter (as a tournament of fighters would) or is it about implementing some "action" in the rp play of the matis nobels. In my opinion, if it really is about a melee tournament and finding the best fighter, you are cheating by excluding two of the factions/nations that pvp most (fyros kami and marauders). If its about the roleplay actually - and I sure hope it is, cause I (me, myself, NOT my rp character) would really not like to be excluded on purpose - i understand that fyros and marauders do not get invited (for roleplay reasons). BUT - and there is always a but, right? - I will say this again and again - in a gaming community as small as ours, people should really try hard to adapt and change the rp to be able to include all the gamers .. cause any event will be even better the more people get there and have fun together, no? Stories are there to be told, to be switched, swapped, up'd and down'd, and rewritten again and again. If you WANT to be flexible and play with ALL the gamers .. you can! The rp is as flexible as the stories in your head ... work and change with them.

Just my thoughts on the matter ..


Seralee :-)



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