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Discussion of the RP event "Melee fighting TOURNAMENT"

Hmmm... Ages ago = 10.5 months, and I would agree that 9 Mektoubs was the last event to involve Rangers as a major force.

Since then we have had the final closure of the Kitins mounds, a silly Tryker event called Diamonds in the Sky involving blowing things up (yay), Night of Stars (and the followup), and two moderately large OOC events, none of which excluded Marauders.

The Mara camp also got some upgrades (at long last), including a bar. I would say that the bar might be due to a particular ET person who saw a solution (and had enough skill in ARK) when other ET people may not have had that skill, nor programming people an understanding of what was needed. I note that there seems to be a lot more stuff happening in general. I do have hope.

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