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Discussion of the RP event "Melee fighting TOURNAMENT"

I wonder if Virg has begun to lose his memory...

There were several very successful events involving marauders: kidnapping of a tryker, nine mektoubs, and the recovery of said mektoubs. You were still mostly a kami then. You and I actually formed a small league to attempt to foil the marauder plans in the desert as they were stealing materials from the kitin camps. We stood no chance against the marauders, but it was our duty to try, and we gave maras quite a few free pvp points, which were later returned when a huge league from all of Atys absolutely overpowered the Mara camp.

I don't think that marauders should be treated so harshly and unequally in regard to the invincible guards, etc. but I can tell you that a large number of participants in atys politics are wimps and every meeting would be wiped if not for extra security. Homins have become fat and lazy, not willing to fight for what they believe in, an anti-faction such as marauders is needed to actually give some legitimate conflict and meaning to our actions in this world. If marauders are not welcome at an event for rp reasons then someone should pvp tag and kill them! The marauders should also rp that once they are killed they can't magically attack the same meeting every five minutes... But yes as long as the event is able to be held, people need to toughen up. Calling for reinforcements should be a last resort.
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