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Discussion of the RP event "Melee fighting TOURNAMENT"

Bittty you clearly didn't read my point where I state if we turn up to fight we will be wiped by the event team for "RP reasons". Failing that we will be ported out by a GM. I loved getting killed by invisible guards we couldn't fight at the "capture a kitin event". I also loved getting an army of tryker guards (one which self healed everytime he was nearly dead so therefore invincible) when we attacked an assembly. People just use RP as a camouflage to suit their needs. This roleplay is simply superficial and has no depth to it whatsoever.

So yes the planning is done by Zendae and I personally applaud that. Event/GMs will get involved if we do turn up though. That isn't "RP" that is the event/GM team carrying out the whims of players under the pretense of roleplay. So yes this event will contain some sort of higher power influence if we do show.

Many ideas and proposals have been put forward for marauder events. Have any come to light? No. Have I given up hope? Yes.

Would I personally love to not have to complain about this? Absolutely. The fact still remains that the work and effort put into Marauders is next to nothing and players and friends leave as a result. Heck the entire marauder organization up and left at one point! We had to wait years to get a simple hairdresser. We had to wait years to get a working bartender that was then solved in 1 minute by a member of the anim team... 1 minute!! Does this sound like hard work to you? No.. Does it sound like priorities are massively askew? I will let you ponder that one.



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