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Discussion of the RP event "Melee fighting TOURNAMENT"

Imagining events is not the problem, the problem is there are no event staff for marauders... to help instigate any event. No-one to sit down a talk through what is feasible and what is not.

Now, i'm not complaining, i'm not even complaining about not being allowed to attend the matis event. But Virg has a point; The games roleplay doesn't allow marauders to be involved "because you wouldn't invite a drug dealer to a child's party" and yet when Marauders roleplay as Marauders they get instantly wiped by some trigger-happy event team member for reason of "disrupting roleplay" - well yes! duuuh!!
ma·raud  (m-rôd)v.  ma·raud·edma·raud·ingma·raudsv.intr.To rove and raid in search of plunder.v.tr.To raid or pillage for spoils.

Someone needs to make up their mind. Are marauders actually 'marauders' or are they meant to roleplay as spoiled children with a personality disorder and told to stand in the corner facing the wall?

Server wide events could be made incorporating the mara:
• An attack on the mara camp could be launched.
• The mara could attack a city (but, as has been mentioned, fails due to overzealous behind-the-scenes people).
• As nerwane mentioned, for Xmas a sort of hunt the present and be hunted event (if i understood that correctly).
• The mara could roleplay a Gladiator tournament (no races or creeds left out), winner gets to live without fear for a little while... or something.

None of this can happen as a proper event without the help and guidance of the event team.
Sadly, as nobody with power has bothered to write more than two sentences of lore for mara, it's easy for people the laugh at them and for the overstretched event team to turn a bilnd eye.
It's funny how these events are all roleplay but the minute someone else tries to come and play their role, it suddenly becomes a "player" event and someone elses roleplay is then not welcome.

Again, i must stress here that i'm not complaining, contrary to how it may sound. Merely pointing out flaws.

We're off topic i know.


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