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Discussion of the RP event "Melee fighting TOURNAMENT"

Virg (atys)
Yeh just people soaking up anim time and generally solely excluding us (this time fyros as well). Wouldn't be so much of an issue if the anim team actually spent time on the marauders as well but seeing as we get nothing then would be great if where the anim team are actually putting their time into could be made of use to us as well..

Don't say this is a player event and the anim team aren't involved. If we turned up we would get ganked by invisible guards like at the last matis event.

Virg -- statements like that last are indefensible. Unless you have some secret line into the Event Team planning sessions, you can't know that. The last Matis event was the fashion show. Is that what you were referring to? I hadn't heard anything about disruptions or blasting Mara at that event.

I see a lot of planning on the part of Zendae to set up this event through the *player* government (and some significant degree of error in at least part of it). I see no evidence that the Event Team is involved, and certainly no evidence that it *needs* to be involved since the event uses already built in game mechanisms and already formed landscape.

Certainly the Marauders need some Event Team love, but as has been pointed out, a lot of Event Team involvement follows on planning by the players. Only a few of the events in Atys are initiated by the Event Team, and all of those are characterized by glacial slowness of planning and development. Things like the Tryker Faire, the Matis Fashion show, are driven by the players. When player involvement fails (as has apparently happened with the Beer and Water Road), the event either slows down or dies.

If you want to compare complaints, I have a number about he slowness with which the Ranger faction is being developed. It appears that we aren't even going to get a camp like the Maras have, and we still don't have access to the PR. It would be great if we had enough Event Team to handle this all, and a dozen devs to code it...but we don't.

[Long essay about RP and its proper role in Atys (neither as ruler nor as beggar to be kicked to the curb) deleted for the moment.]


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