Lacuna's Song

[OOC The true and honest history of how Marceline learned to walk on the Wild Side and Lost Girls came to be.]

As she carefully finished sharpening the point of her spear, her thoughts turned again to blood, and revenge against her mortal enemy, Ghuiss. Hopefully, she would find his hiding hole soon.  She was sure he had hidden himself somewhere in Roots.  In the past months, she had tried all the bars on the surface, and there was no sign of the drunkard.  No one she talked to had seen him.  She had even stalked his partner-in-crime, Gasket, for a month hoping he would lead her to the Zorai’s hiding place.  But all she learned from that was that Gasket had some serious public hygiene issues.  She traces Ghuiss’s name on her spear point with her finger and smiles. Ghuiss will pay dearly for forgetting her birthday!  She places the spear back beside her pack. She worries about Spettra. Her sister has been gone for many days now.  They had decided to separate in an attempt to speed up their search.  She was to search the Wastelands for a entrance into the Deep Roots and Spettra the Lands of Umbra.   They had agreed to meet in the Keepers’ camp, but she has lost track of time and does not know if she is early, or Spettra late.  So she worries.  There is no sign of Gaalh, either. She wonders if the kirosta has followed Spettra.  So she sits and waits, and tries not to let the sadness in.

Even though helping Spettra’s train her combat skills distracted her, the Song soon started to call Lacuna again.  She began to return to PR for longer and longer periods. Often Spettra would join her.  Together they explored and hunted for days at time before returning to the guild.  Each time they returned, Lacuna felt less and less at home.  It was not that her guild did not welcome, it was just she felt she did not belong.  She was also having serious doubts as to the intentions of the Kami Alliance.  She felt the sadness start to grow in her again, and the gaps between her visits to Zora grew longer. She is sure that is how it was, but remembering is like trying to catch a falling leaf. Yes. It all started with Marceline.


Binarabi was furious. Lacuna could tell.  That vein on her forehead was throbbing. It always did when someone in the guild went too far with a joke.  Lacuna tried to hide behind Spettra, which was not easy as Spettra was half her size.  She hates it when Bina shouts at her.  She loves Bina, but wishes she would stop coddling useless males, like Eikichi.  Now would be a bad time for Bina to find out that Eikichi has had yet another accident.
     ‘He could have DIED!’ she screamed at them.  ‘What were you two thinking? No. No. Don’t answer that! Of course you weren’t thinking, neither of you ever do.’
    Spettra closed her mouth and the explanation died on her lips.
    ‘No. No. Tell me! I need to know what made you both think it was, in any way, acceptable to sneak into his room and.. and.. and…’
    ‘He asked us too,’ Lacuna whispered.
    ‘He was bloody joking!’ Bina scream at them. ‘Ma-Duk, can’t you two tell when someone is joking!’
    ‘If you think about it, it is his own fault. He never told us not to go into his room and cut it off,’ Spettra volunteered.
    Lacuna watched as Bina’s eyes went wide with complete and utter incomprehension. ‘WHAT!’ Things went downhill fast after that.

Spettra found Lacuna hiding in her bedroom.  ‘What was their decision?’
    ‘We’re out.’
    Spettra seemed surprisingly happy. Lacuna felt bad; it had been her idea. OK, Gasket was also to blame; he had gotten her drunk, and that led to… well… Marceline’s little operation.  It was always that yelk-fart Gasket’s fault. I’m not evil. He knew what happened when she drunk even the smallest amount of alcohol.  She still needed to get revenge for the Yrakanis incident.  It had taken months of community service to get her reputation back to the point where she could buy the LA and amp plans she needed.  It was not her fault that the Matis had no sense of humour.  It had only been a small fire, and the graffiti had washed off, eventually.  And all because Gasket got her drunk! The git.
    ‘What will we do now?’
    ‘Spettra smiled, ‘We go Mara and kill all males.’


After after their relocation to the marauder camp, Lacuna felt happier than she could ever remember.  But it was not that until Marichia joined them that she finally felt content, and the sadness left her for a time.  Marichia is the kindest of them.  Lacuna suspects her sister thinks males are simply dumb farting hominoids, rather than vermin, and that she would be satisfied if all males were just to go off somewhere far, far, far away and… well… stink that place up.  She doubts Marichia shares her and Spettra’s longing for extermination.  


    ‘Come back you bloody pervert!’
    Lacuna looked up from sorting out the complete mess that was her bag.  She saw a tall, slim Matis girl, brandishing a rather large mace, chasing a half-naked Zorai through the camp.  She realised that it was Marceline wearing the red shell thingies the Matis thought were appropriate for underwear. Grinning, she nudged Spettra.
    ‘Marceline is up to her old tricks again.’
    ‘Yap. I wonder why he… ummm… I mean she, is so obsessed with Matis undies?’
    They both still found it hard to to think of the tall Zorai as she, but… well… they were responsible, in a way, for her new gender identity, so they thought they should be supportive.  But if the sod tries on any more of my dresses I will gut him like weanling yubo.  As Marceline came racing past them, Spettra stuck out a foot, sending the Zorai sprawling in the dirt.  Marichia came running up to them.
    Marichia then proceeded in what appeared to be an extremely enthusiastic attempt to break every bone in Marceline’s body. Lacuna picked up her mace and asked, ‘Want a hand with that?’  Marceline had to learn the hard-way, she guessed.  Spettra screamed, ‘You thieving shit, Marce!’; she had just noticed what looked like her favourite bra in Marceline’s hand.


After Marceline’s lesson in what was not acceptable behaviour for a young homine, Marichia, Lacuna and Spettra quickly became inseparable.  It just seemed natural that Marichia would join them. Three was the perfect number.  They all knew they were not a guild, but a sisterhood. And for that, three sisters were needed.  And for a while all was calm.

She sits in the Keepers’ camp and plays with the friendship ring Spettra gave her.  She knows the words engraved inside it by heart.  Tears run down her cheeks whenever she thinks of them.  She misses her sisters.  She worries.  She fights the sadness and tries to listen to the Song.  She is startled back to the present by a commotion outside the camp. But it is just the guards fighting off a another KP.  Maybe tomorrow Spettra will arrive and they can continue their search.  She puts on her amplifiers and goes to help the guards patrol the perimeter of the camp.

[OOC Only the facts have been changed to protect the guilty.]


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