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map marker limit should be removed

here's something though, i've never dug in a zone below 250 unless it was for an occupation. but i do mark tribes, bandits, named, bosses, roaming npc's, ect in every zone, i also mark spots good for grinding skills, there's lots more i mark because it could be useful.

if i can figure out how to edit the actual map of the game (development style) i won't need to have more markers via the normal system, because i can put many of my markers on that map for good, things like bandit locations, tribe locations, tp locations, temples, basically any thing that isn't going to ever move.

but until i can do that (prob in the next 20 years cause i don't program, and would have to just to get the map file(s) out of the archive(s) that ryzom uses.) i would like to have a way to get more markers, yes i can without a doubt mark 256 points on a map.

i hope to see some kind of update about this one day...


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