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Collecting your interface woes

Somenoob --

Having autoswitch depend on the action might have undesirable side effects. Sometimes I *do* want to cast a spell while hanging onto my sword. Also really difficult to sense (without clicking) what "bar" is up. Most of my bars have mixed actions in them. (The exception being my digging bars, and you can already do auto-equip for a pick. (SYSTEM > Game configuration > Interface > HUD.) Unfortunately it auto-equips bare hands for magic or fighting, and if you have mobs on/near your digging spots you can aggro a mob very easily. )

Having a hot-key would be fine as long as the equippage time is still included, but would clearly make it much easier to use alts and, if one is using a key-stroker program, make botting easier. (Such use is illegal. Do not try this at home.)


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