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help regarding Linux client


I have no idea how Ryzom is packaged for Ubuntu, and therefore, if you have troubles using it, I can recommend you to use rsync instead. Rsync is a synchronization software and Ryzom have an official public directory where every game files can be accessed by it. Typing the following command will download a complete working ryzom directory in your home folder :
rsync -rtzv --progress --stats www.ryzom.com::ryzom "$HOME/ryzom/"

In this directory, you can start the ryzom_client executable. You can also update the files using the ryzom_update.sh script in the same directory. Personally, I created a script in /usr/bin/ to start ryzom, this script first update the files using rsync and then launches the client. This is a convenient way to keep up to date.


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