Guide to LA Pei-Ruz

This is a guide I created for the Armageddons forum for Pei-Ruz. Enjoy reading and hope to see more people take part in Pei teams! :)



Light Armour 

Location: Jungle, Haven of Purity (Flagged red on the map)

Pei-Ruz is an NPC boss which drops 1 Light Armor piece out of a possible 5 and 4 x999 catalysers Q200.

Each LA piece has the following stats:
- Dodge 3
- Parry 1
- Protection Factor 25%
- Max vs 224
- 150 HP + 50 Sap or 100HP + 100 Sap on certain pieces

If you successfully kill Pei-Ruz, he will respawn in 1 hours time which means you can do him one hour after the next. If, however, you fail, he will respawn after 2 hours.


Full team of 9 players:
- 4 heal/heal
- 4 ele/melee
- 1 ele/heal

You will often be told that Pei Ruz requires a team of masters. Certain concessions can be made for those in the position of Melee and Ele. As for healers, it is very important that all healers have Bomb Effect 7 which allows for them to cast a heal for 8 team members, therefore no concessions can be made for non master healers.

In my times doing Pei, I have often come across players who lead Pei teams and require masters to have 97/97 amps! Because even amps with lower stats can impact the stability of the team with regards to heals or may not cause enough damage with regards to the Nukers.

As such, its a safer bet if the team is made up of masters who have the correct stanzas I mention below. However, I have also participate in teams with non-masters. Experienced Pei participants are usually friendly and supportive if it is your first time.

The combinations of masters are usual either just Heal or Ele/Melee or Ele/Heal.

- HP boosted LA and Jewels (no need for HA even if you are a Melee)
- Amps (healers have single HP enchant + crystals to recharge)
- Slashing weapon for melee




HP/Sap Bomb Heal: 180 HP + 80 Sap + Bomb Effect 7 - 250 Sap Credit + 250 HP Credit + Range Credit 80 + Time Credit 2

HP Bomb Heal: 180 HP + 80 HP + Bomb Effect 7 - 250 Sap Credit + 250 HP Credit + Range Credit 80 + Time Credit 2

Alternative (Talkirc) =
my heal set up for the heal/heal players is 200 hp and 65 sap no time credits, max bomb
my heal set up for the ele/heal players is 200 hp and 65 stam no time credits, max bomb 


HP/Stamina Bomb Heal: 160 HP + 100 Stamina + Bomb Effect 7 - 250 Sap Credit + 150 HP Credit + Range Credit 80 + Time Credit 2

It is vital that you have Bomb Effect 7!



Poison/Poison: 250 Poison + 225 Poison - 250 Sap Credit + 250 HP Credit + Range Credit 80


Poison/Poison Bomb: 250 Poison + 200 Poison + Bomb Effect 1 - 250 Sap Credit + 250 HP Credit + Range Credit 80 + Time Credit 10

Bomb effect 2 is useful when facing Ragus or Igara (see below).

Alternative (Talkirc)=
my ele attack is 250/250 poison single with small or no time credit for the guards
my ele attack is 225/225 poison double with bomb 1 (2 targets) with as small or no time credit for igaras and ragus 



Bleed: 11 Increase Damage + 10 Bleeding - 18 Stamina Credit + 10 HP Credit

It is important for the weapon used to be a Slashing weapon since it is this type of weapon which permits the enemy to Bleed which will increase the damage being done. Predominantly, 2H weapons such as Axe and Sword are the best and preferred over 1H and Daggers who do less damage and some people even prefer 2H Axe over Sword due to its higher max DMG.


Melee Protection Aura 6 (max)
War Cry 5 (max)
Or the highest you are able to purchase at Trainers. 

These should not have been used prior to entering the Pei camp. If you have activated them please let the team know so that entering the camp can be postponed until your MPA/War Cry is up again.


Once the team has been formed, the team leader will designate the roles (see above). Ensure that you have the actions correctly set up and the right gear and make your way to HoP. The team leader will ensure that MPA and War Cry are up and that everyone is ready to touch the Stone.

Upon touching the Stone you will be teleported to Pei Ruz's camp which will be in a goo infected area in the Jungle. The goo will cause continual damage and because of this it is important that the healers spam bomb heals and that everyone is close together in the middle.

Once Pei is engaged, you will be faced with 3 random scenarios out of a possible 4:

1. A group of Ragus will spawn.
- Aim = To kill them with Single or Bomb Poison as soon as possible.

2. A group of Igaras will spawn.
-Aim = In the pack, there will be some *Demented Igaras*. It is vital that these Igaras are killed first otherwise they will cause more Igara's to be spawned.
- The team leader will activate MPA when the Igaras spawn. No one else should activate MPA.

3. 4 NPC's will spawn at 4 corners.
- Aim = Kill one after the other.
- If any respawn it means not enough damage was done and the NPC was therefore not killed quickly enough.
- Kill any NPC's which have respawned and all nuker's double check that their stanza is correct.

4. 4 NPC's will spawn next to each other in a line.
- Aim = Kill one after the other to determine the correct sequence.
- The team leader will call out which of the 4 NPC's the nukers should target (either 1,2,3 and 4 or by their NPC names).
- If any of the NPC's respawn it means you have not killed them in the right sequence.
- When the NPC's do not respawn after you kill them you will be able to continue to the next to determine the right sequence.

After completing the 3 scenarios, Pei will come forward and be attackable and the team leader will inform you all to move to the Stone which is located not far from where you will be. It is important to position yourself as close to the Stone as possible. At this point, your aim should be to stabilise the team with heals no matter what your role is. Once the team is stable, those designated the role of Ele/Melee should equip their weapons and attack Pei and the player designated the role of Ele/Heal should switch to healing the team.

As Pei's HP goes down, the team leader will ask you all to activate War Cry together and Pei's HP will continue to go down until he is dead and looted upon which you can then touch the Stone to be teleported back to your initial location in HoP. It can sometimes help to Invul and touch the stone.


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